Ooi Eng Lee, Malaysia

I’m glad and happy to study here. Thanks for all the arrangements. Everyone in Cebu Languages are friendly, kind and the teachers were very patient and knowledgeable. Wishing everyone to be well and happy.

Nhastasia Brigadnova, Russia

It was a great vacation. A month of IELTS Preparation was worth it and I hope I can score a good mark on my upcoming IELTS test.

Negare Senn, Switzerland

I had a good time here in Cebu Languages ESL School and all the staff is very very friendly and helpful. Thanks a lot for everything.

Emanuele Rigattieri, Italy

Course was better than I expected and I traveled with other interesting student. Thank you to the teachers and staff for everything. I will make time to comeback,

Nakita Shcherbinin, Russia

It was a great time. I had a relaxing vacation and meanwhile improved my English significantly. I met many interesting people, experienced a dozen of feelings, took part in trips and excursions. We were like one big family, it was unspeakably cool. I swam as much as I wanted. My best studying experience ever! Thank…

Telha Alarsary, Saudi Arabia

I really want to thank everyone for their help. I learned many things and wish i had more time to continue with you for two more months.

Gerrard Haider, Austria

Fun English study without pressure in a very nice location.

Regis Gilbert, Switzerland

Very helpful staff to help when understanding the local culture. The teachers have extraordinary human qualities that motivate their students and always smile.

Laetitia Heyer, Switzerland

The staff was joyful and helpful and I enjoyed the extra activities. I learned some new things, especially how to take the different exams and improve my English in general.

Ayman Albader, Saudi Arabia

The school is very nice. Their teachers are kind and very good. This is my second time here.

Steve Delabays, Switzerland

I had a great time and I’ve improved my skills in Business English. My target was reached and I thank you for that.

Ernie Liao, Taiwan

I am very happy that I choose this school. This is a nice school. Thank you!

????????, Celia, China

I’m quite satisfied with my stay at the school. Everything was great! I plan to return and stay for at least one more month.

Mohammed Albader, Saudi Arabia

Thank you for everything and everything was good.  We enjoyed City Times Square on our free time.

Ivan Lukash, Russia

Very easy to learn English, good teachers and pretty staff

Atsuhiko Mekata, Japan/Thailand

I spoke only English at school, doing this makes me happy, not only that I had a chance to meet and make friends with a classmate from Mali who is working in Saudi Arabia. He speaks Arabic!  Also, I like that the school location is inside a beach resort by the sea. Overall, I am…

Deigo Amorim Xavier, Spain

Cebu Languages ESL School helped me a lot with improving my English. More over the school building is amazing. Very good classrooms and impressive views from the windows. The teachers are so friendly and have a good ability to help students. Finally Melissa and Noriel who work at the school are always friendly and helpful.

Lingling Li, China

I like everything here. I had an excellent learning experience in ESL with my Native Speaking teacher. My classmates come from different countries which gives me a chance to speak English all day and everyday! I also enjoyed snorkeling at the beach with my new friends after school!

Minh Tu Nguyen, Vietnam

The teachers are great, they were very helpful. I met a lot of people from Russia, China, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Korea and Japan. I will cheerfully recommend the school to my friends!

Shin Kwangsoo, Japan/Korea

This school is the only Native School in Cebu City. It is great! The course is valuable. I will definitely come back in Cebu Languages ESL School!

Ryohei Miwa, Japan

Actually my English has improved more than I expected. I’m really satisfied with this school. If somebody would ask me about our  school I’d say  “It’s an incredibly nice school!”. I had a great time swimming with the big shark and my Bohol Island visit was pretty good. Now, I feel confident that all the…

Ulrich Arne Schmidt, Austria

“The cost was cheap. Cebu Languages has very good committed teachers, friendly and nice school place, interesting international classmates. It was a great educational experience!

Tamara Brigadnova, Russia

“I achieved my goal here. I can speak and understand English better. This course so far has been very useful and the teachers were very fun to have class with. Our Bohol trip was very enjoyable, too!”

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