TOEIC Study Program, Test Review Preparation for English Learners in Cebu, Philippines

TOEIC test preparation study is managed by our expert Filipino and English-Speaking Instructors and partner institutes. You will develop an expanded range and depth of sophisticated practical vocabulary in the form of lexical presentations. Our TOEIC prep course guarantees your success by using mock test exercises. We devolve and improve your receptive skills translating to increase fluency of English as individuals and as a group within our classrooms. Instructors use actual and relevant contextual course materials which focus on current event news articles, reading and interpretation of graphs and charts, social and environmental awareness subjects as topics of context. You will be confident that you are gaining useful knowledge when expressing opinions in an English driven world. Students should know the appropriate TOEIC exam they need to focus on and the minimum target score applicable (suggested range 605-990), prior to arrival in class.

  • Levels Accepted

    • Pre-Intermediate
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced Intermediate
    • Pre-Advanced
    • Advanced
  • TOEIC Study Courses are inclusive of:

    • classes from Monday to Friday
    • intensive 50-minute sessions with a highly qualified instructor
    • 4 hours TOEIC morning session (3 to 5 students)
    • 2 ¬†optional hours ESL afternoon session with a Native Speaking instructor (4 to 8 students)
    • students from different countries
    • diagnostic and simulation exercises
    • TOEIC materials and unlimited practice exams
    • sessions include: tips and exam strategy, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation classes
    • coaching and feed backing with instructors
    • TOEIC Examination Registration Assistance

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Cebu Languages TOEIC Study Center is managed by our Expert English Speaking Instructors in Cebu Philippines and partner institutes.

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Located in Cebu Philippines, we promise to deliver learners higher scores and faster for the TOEIC Exam.