Students come to Cebu Languages ESL School to learn English instruction in the Philippines. Our highly qualified Native Speaking Instructors teach General and Business English or IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL test courses. Students understand that an intensive ESL study course with Native English Instructors, reduces the time needed to learn English courses. Understanding English is a different language culture from their own, learners want to experience an English center that is American owned, instead of a school whose owners are non Native Speaking.  They are open, yet goal minded and are willing to do the sometimes difficult tasks to achieve what is one of the most important and life changing attributes of their lives, successful English fluency skills.

Without the distraction of learners under the age of seventeen years old our classrooms are freer in context. Even the most slang expressions can be handled in a way as not to offend or be misconstrued. When you are in our classrooms for three months or more they have received all of the tools needed to set forth using the power that English offers for communication on every continent. Our students want to own the English language and enjoy the experience in its totality and not just visit it.

We always encourage our students to spend their time with us as a way to bridge cultural gaps. Since we cater to so many different cultures, students are able to meet new people from all corners of the world. Speaking in a common language such as English becomes an empowering feeling. The knowledge that is gained by our students in and outside the classroom proves to shape their thinking in making the world, a more interesting world. Students can take full advantage in using English acquisition when helping each other.  Students that have been in our program longer enjoy taking the lead role as information arteries for the newer students. Outside of the classroom they unite in exploring and sharing information about activities, how to easily navigate the transportation systems, shopping, and night life and where their favorite adventures took place. Expressing thoughts and including others in their lives, likes and dislikes, opinions or about adventures, is everything when conveying it in English.

Students learning English at Cebu Languages enjoy the freedom of living without being dependent on the school and set eating schedules after classes and on weekends. The free times outside of the classroom are for individuals to choose how they would like to spend it. Since our students are adults we don’t try to push them outside their comfort zone, but instead offer all of the activities and make the arrangements as easy as possible. We do all of the coordinating for students and student groups as requested.

Cebu Languages has been fortunate with the students that have enrolled. They are all kind, mannered and serious in making their ESL programs successful. Knowing our place in the equation is in giving them more value than they expected in the services we offer and of our instructors practicing well executed English lessons. We let them be themselves as individuals and grow as a group.