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Business English Study Course and BULATS in the Philippines!

This course offers business executives success in understanding the English Business world.

If, you are migrating into English speaking countries and are in need of the best BULATS Preparation program in the Philippines and want to master the certified examination, you have to look no further. Our Native Speaking Business English instructors define the phrase “all business”. Study Business English and learn about current and new markets opening worldwide. If you are looking to start up a business where English communication is vital, our program will prove to be invaluable. You will leave our program with the knowledge about corporate culture. Identifying, setting up and changing corporate culture is essential for businesses to foster a creative, enthusiastic and productive working environment. Tour and enjoy Cebu and travel the surrounding islands. Our staff make it easy and make the arrangements for you. Enjoy the best Business English Study Program while you interact with the local people and experience their customs and culture. Breath the fresh sea air and relax during your free time or perhaps swim and snorkel to view the marvels of the aquatic sea life that are just yards from our private beach shores.  

  • Business  English program covers the areas listed below:

    • All verb tenses
    • Accent reduction
    • BULATS exam tips and mock testing
    • Cleft sentences
    • Complex sentences
    • Compound nouns
    • Conditional clauses
    • Conditional sentences
    • Expressions
    • Embedded questions
    • Infinitive verb
    • Listening skills
    • Oral communication
    • passive forms
    • phrasal verbs/nouns
    • position adverbs
    • presentation skills
    • speaking hypothetically
    • technical writing
    • variations on conditional

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Cebu Languages ESL School offers business executives success in understanding the English Business world. If you are in need of the best BULASTS Preparation program look no further.

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Business English Course
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Business English Course
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Located in Cebu Philippines, we promise to deliver learners higher scores and faster in the Business English Course.