Students Experience Measurable ESL Gains in English Fluency!

study English courses Philippines Cebu languages ESL school business coursesThe best English Courses in the Philippines for Intensive General and Business English. Study IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL and BULATS test preparation courses in Lapu Lapu Mactan, Cebu Philippines. Cebu Languages ESL School contributes students’ successes by utilizing Native Speaking and Filipino Instructed programs for greater immersion  frequency as compared to other schools. Students achieve greater exposure to accurate English from instructors that have lived with English from birth and have perfected their teaching methods. Our in-depth curriculum of Intensive ESL courses are designed to meet the needs of international students preparing for college and university entrance abroad. Professionals as well as other non-English speaking adults who wish to learn the language skills necessary for English language fluency will benefit from our ESL course center. Specially prepared English courses fit perfectly towards the needs of each learner. Efficiency and effectiveness are at a high when English skills are being presented and learned at our English school. Native Speaking instructed courses are intensive and accurate, yet fun and interactive.

We pooled together brilliant insights from our educational staff and consultants to come up with the curriculum purposed for each learners’ level. We are confident that we can provide you the best way to learn English in the most enjoyable fashion. Highly competent teachers make learning English a definite and pleasurable experience!

Our locations in Mactan is on the beach and over the sea. Students experience fresh sea breezes everyday and without the traffic congestion and smog of Cebu City. The atmosphere offers all of the relaxation and direct beach access during your stay. All the tour and activities can be had and are arraigned by our staff. The convenience and local prices are guarantied as part of our services.

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English study course teaches you all the skills necessary to effectively communicate in English.