Our school location is ideal for IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL and ESL Program Courses.

Do you need an ESL Study Center for IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, ESL or Business English? Are you seeking an English School  in the Philippines with fresh clean air and a seaside location with a great beach? Would you like to have every fun in the sun activity waiting for you when you leave your class?

Cebu Langues ESL School and its seaside ESL Center location for ESL General English and Business English courses affords students needed relaxation time. Our study programs are taught by experienced Native English Speaking Instructors. While you are improving your English fluency and obtaining better than expected test exam scores, you can enjoy all of the fun in the sun activities right at school. There is no need for long travel times to find the fresh sea air and relaxation, its right here!

As you can see by the map we have direct access to our private beach and we are on the sea. If you are an avid water sports person, we have everything you could expect the Philippine sea to offer at our doorstep. Students that love to snorkel or scuba dive have only to walk outside after class and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. If you are wanting to learn to scuba we have several packages to fit the level of certification. Learn to dive in open water, caves, night time and deep water, so  you can join the growing number of scuba divers and be apart of their circles.

Other activities that can be enjoyed are Jet Skiing, island hopping, swimming pool or sea, banana boat ride, fly boarding, helium balloon ride, beach relaxation and others.

Our staff have the local service and tour connections to arrange your activity and make sure you pay the least amount of money.